Imagine, dream and plan the possibilities with us.

Let’s shape the future of Givens Communities, together.

There are many opportunities, first and foremost, to enrich the quality of life in the community where you live. Building a foundation for possibilities also offers exciting ways to benefit the lives of others throughout Givens Communities and Western North Carolina.

Givens Philanthropy is here to support your charitable goals.

Beyond gifts of cash, we can help you develop customized and tax-wise giving plans or establish the far-reaching impact of an endowment. There are many creative ways to leave a lasting legacy for your neighbors today and into the future: planned gifts, gifts of stock or investments, in-kind gifts or donating a car, and even entrance fee refunds or unused meal balances.

Givens Philanthropy

Building a Foundation For


Your Gifts Expand the Possibilities for Aging

As part of our Givens commitment to enhance the lives of seniors across all economic levels, the Board of Directors and senior leadership are elevating the role of philanthropy in its strategic visioning.

In addition to seasonal appeals for charitable gifts to support and advance Givens’ mission, the Philanthropy Department is inaugurating a strategic framework for giving that is fully aligned to the strategic priorities of Givens Communities and the priorities of each community within the organization.

Giving through Givens Communities Philanthropy ensures the highest quality of life for our residents and team members at Givens Estates, Givens Highland Farms, Givens Gerber Park, Givens Great Laurels, and the broader communities beyond our campuses.

Over the past 48 years, nearly every corner of the Givens campuses has been enriched beyond measure through collective philanthropy of more than $39 million from individuals, foundations, resident families and friends, faith communities, and Givens leadership.

Without charitable planning and donations over the past four-plus decades, many projects would have never happened, or they would have been delayed for years until funding was available.

Philanthropy: An Important Resource for Life Enrichment

Philanthropy, resident rates and fees, and limited government reimbursements are the sole sources of revenue at Givens. However, your gifts are not used to pay the bills or keep the lights on. Your giving turns dreams and imagination into innovative programs, amenities and services, and commitments into promises. In this way, philanthropy transforms the exceptional into the extraordinary to enrich resident life today and in the future.